Ashley Madison May Find Itself in Hot Water over Baseless Takedown Notices

The adultery site may soon find itself accused of copyright abuse, as its takedown notices issued to social media and news sites, after the company’s massive hack, seem to be more about [...]

Man Loses Court Battle to Copyright Food Dish

A man invents a chicken sandwich for Church’s Chicken in the late 1980s, but when he tried to sue the company in 2014 for his share of his creation’s profits, a U.S. Appeals Court [...]

U.S. Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Cheerleader Uniform Copyright

Appeals Court sides with Varsity Brands, Inc., in its copyright suit against competitor Star Athletica, LLC, after Varsity accused Star of infringing on its cheerleader uniform designs. By [...]

Former Rapper and Comic Actor Josh Ostrovsky is Accused of Joke Infringement

Ostrovsky faces a mountain of evidence that he stole jokes from other comedians, resulting in potential legal action for copyright infringement. By Oliver Herzfeld. Forbes. [...]

Adultery Dating Site Ashley Madison Invokes Copyright Law to Contain Hacking Damage

Ashley Madison sends cease and desist letters to social media and other sites, to prevent widespread publication of users’ contact information, after the site’s database of 37 million [...]

Danish Police Arrest “Popcorn Time” Informational Site Operators

Police in Denmark arrest 2 owners of websites that offer information concerning the use of year-old video-streaming site Popcorn Time, which increasingly is being viewed as a haven for copyright [...]

Jay Z and Timbaland will Testify in “Big Pimpin'” Lawsuit

The hip-hop megastars will make their case that they did not use an Egyptian composer’s song illegally in their 1999 hit song, in a California courtroom this October. The Guardian. [...]

Jimi Hendrix Family Settles Copyright Dispute

Rights to trademarked images, including Jimi Hendrix’s face, have split the Hendrix family apart, leading to a 6-year copyright battle, that just ended in a settlement. By Mikey Blanco. [...]

Jay Z Sued over Copyright Claim to Beat in ’99 Song

The hip-hop mogul is sued by an Egyptian composer’s heir for using a flute selection, similar to one featured in a 1957 Egyptian movie, in the 1999 hit song “Big Pimpin’.” [...]

Famous Songs that Violated Copyright

Many familiar songs, from across the decades, were actually copyright infringements. By Ryan Book. Music Times. [...]

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