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Photographer Sues Volvo For Copyright Infringement

Photographer Is Suing Volvo For Willful Copyright Infringement The photography and camera news website reported on June 15, 2020, that a professional photographer and his model subject are suing Volvo. In a complaint filed in California on June 9, 2020, automotive photographer Jack Schroeder and model Britni Sumida allege that Volvo committed “willful and […]

Celebrity Photographer Lawyers – Photographers Must Beware Aware of Copyright Infringements

Celebrity Photographers Must Understand Their Rights Under Copyright Law If you are a photographer who makes a living by photographing actors, models, and other celebrities, you must understand your rights. Too often, people are taking advantage of photographers, using their pictures without permission or compensation. US copyright law exists to protect the creative work of […]

How Copyright Lawyers Help Photographer Protect Copyrights

Our Lawyers Help Photographers Understand The Basics About Licensing Rights Before entering into a licensing agreement, photographers should consult with experienced copyright lawyers. At Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC, our lawyers are dedicated to protecting photographers from copyright infringement. We want to make sure that you get paid what you deserve and that your licensing agreements […]

Copyright Lawyers Help Photographers Secure Lucrative Licensing Agreements

Our Copyright Lawyers Hels Photographers Protect Their Rights With Licensing Agreements As a professional photographer, you understand the importance of granting licenses to others in exchange for appropriate compensation. Licensing agreements ensure that you get paid and maintain control over how, when, and where your photographs get used. Licensing agreements are an essential part of […]

Copyright Victory Against Local Bank for Photograph Use

Indiana Lawyer-Photographer Wins Copyright Infringement Victory Against Bank A copyright lawyer and photographer in Indiana was victorious in his copyright infringement lawsuit against a local business. Richard Bell, according to The Indiana Lawyer, sued “after discovering in late 2017” that Merchants Bank of Indiana “was using a photo he had taken of the nighttime Indianapolis […]

Mom’s Copyright Lawyer Tells Congressman To Stop Using Meme

Mother and Photographer Fumes Over Unlawful Use of Meme You may have seen the original photograph: sitting on the beach is an adorable almost-toddler, fist raised, looking determined and intense, straight at the camera which his mom, Laney Griner, is holding. The image is known as “Success Kid” and became an instant viral sensation. It […]

Music Copyright Infringement Lawsuit for Willful Infringement

Using Music Often Requires Permission Most people know that to use someone’s music in enumerated ways, whether performing it live for an audience or on television or in the background of a movie, you should always obtain permission. Sometimes, you can use it for free. Other times, the owner will have you purchase a license […]

Copyright Questions – What Cannot Be Copyrighted

What Can You Copyright? At Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC, our copyright lawyers help creative artists and professionals protect their rights. We represent photographers, musicians, authors, and others to ensure they receive proper compensation for their work. When others utilize their work without appropriate permissions, licenses, or payments, we hold them accountable and do everything we […]

Photographer Sues Facebook for Copyright Infringement

Photographer Sued Facebook For Violating Copyright Lawstreet media has reported that photographer Christopher Boffoli filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Facebook. The complaint was filed in Washington Western District Court on February 14, 2020, and names Facebook as the only defendant. According to his complaint, Boffoli is a professional photographer and the creator of “Big […]

Copyright Basics – Questions About Copyright

Copyright Basics From the US Copyright Office and Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC As lawyers who handle copyright cases for a variety of creative professionals, we at the Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC, understand the importance of knowing your legal rights. We hear many questions from people about copyright law, and to some, there are simple answers. […]

Music Sampling Copyright Claim Against G-Eazy

Sampling Leads To Lawsuit Against Hip Hop Artist G-Eazy TMZ reported March 5, 2020, that Memphis DJ Squeeky and Gaylon Love are suing hip hop star G-Eazy for copyright infringement. The plaintiffs in the copyright lawsuit allege that G-Eazy’s hit song “No Limit” “straight up sampled their 1993 Southern hip-hop classic” “Looking 4 Da Chewin.” […]

Copyright Lawsuit Settlement with Miley Cyrus

Songwriter Filed a $300 Million Copyright Claim Against Miley Cyrus In March 2018, Michael May, who performs under the name Flourgon, filed a copyright infringement case against Miley Cyrus. The copyright lawsuit filed in Manhattan Federal Court asked for $300 million in damages. Flourgon’s complaint accused Cyrus of stealing her hit song “We Can’t Stop” […]

Copyright Victory in Connection with Embedded Tweets and Photos

Copyright Enforcement Is Essential to Protecting Creative Artists’ Rights Copyright laws bestow on photographers and other creative artists the exclusive rights to reproduce, create derivative work, and perform their work publicly. The internet, social media, and technology, in general, has added a new level of complexity to the issue of copyright enforcement. It has become […]

Photographer Sues Bieber

Photographer Files Lawsuit Against Justin Bieber for Copyright Infringement It’s Justin Bieber’s turn to defend himself against a copyright infringement lawsuit. Photographer Robert Barbera filed a lawsuit against Bieber that, according to, accuses the pop star of the “unauthorized reproduction and public display” of a photograph copyrighted and owned by Barbera. The photo in […]

New Copyright Issues with Paparazzi and Social Media

Social Media, Celebrities, and Paparazzi Bring New Attention to Copyright Issues In an October 30, 2019 article for IP, Meaghan Kent, Katherine Dearing, and Danae Tinelli highlight some legal issues gaining new attention from a spate of copyright infringement cases involving celebrities, social media, and paparazzi. Many issues remain unresolved because the lawsuits were […]

Copyright Victory

Judge Awards $258,000 to Photographer in Copyright Case Scott Gunnellis, a professional photographer, has won his lawsuit for copyright infringement. American Choppers star Paul Teutel Sr., has been ordered by a federal judge to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to the photographer who sued Teutel and others for copyright infringement.   Photographer Alleged American […]

Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

California Artist Is Suing Pixar and Disney For Copyright Violations Daniel Goldblatt, writing for, has reported that a San-Francisco artist has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Pixar and Disney. The lawsuit filed in January alleges that the companies violated her rights by copying her “signature unicorn-covered van — which she calls “Vanicorn” — […]

Lawsuit Copyright Infringement

Agency Files Copyright Lawsuit Against Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez is being sued, again, for copyright infringement. This time, the photo in question is of herself with fiancé Alex Rodriguez. E!News reported on October 7, 2019, that Splash News and Picture Agency claims in a lawsuit that when Lopez posted the photograph to her Instagram feed […]

Photographer Sues Fox For Infringement

A Photographer is Suing Fox News Network for Copyright Infringement Bloomberg News has reported that the Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC is representing Jesse Korman, a photographer who is accusing Fox News Network, LLC of copyright infringement. The photographer alleges that Fox reproduced a picture Korman took of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and used it in one of […]

NYC Landmark Limits Ownership of Pictures

New York City Landmark Limits Photographers’ Rights Hudson Yards, located on the West side of New York City, is the largest private real estate development in the United States. One of its most popular features is a 16-story open-air building called Vessel. Vessel is described as a permanent, interactive art installation. The main attraction of […]

Copyright Infringement Suit Against Model

Photographer Sues Emily Ratajkowski for Copyright Infringement Model and Actress Emily Ratajkowski is one more name on a growing list of celebrities facing off with photographers in legal battles. Ratajkowski, like others, is accused of violating the rights of a photographer by posting a picture without permission. Photographers across the globe have filed similar cases […]

New York Photographer Sues over Benedict Cumberbatch Photo

North Carolina Sees an Increase in Copyright Lawsuits with the Latest Filing by NY Photographer A New York photographer is suing a Wake Forest-based company for copyright infringement. Photographer Steve Sands is represented by attorney Richard Liebowitz, who filed the federal lawsuit on August 8, 2019, in the Eastern District of North Carolina. According to […]

Supreme Court Copyright Infringement Case

Supreme Court Takes on Copyright Infringement The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has agreed to hear the case of Frederick (Rick) Allen, well known filmmaker and photographer. According to Eriq Gardner in his article for the Hollywood Reporter, SCOTUS will determine if the doctrine of Sovereign Immunity protects states from copyright infringement lawsuits […]

Copyright Feud Over Infringement

Photographer Accuses Digital Artist of Stealing There’s no formal lawsuit yet, but a very angry photographer is contemplating filing one. Photographer Jason Weingart is calling digital artist Brent Shavnore a “thief” and a “liar,” alleging he is stealing his photographs and using them in his own work. Peta Pixel recently reported on this feud that […]

Supermodel Copyright Infringement

A Photographer Is Suing Supermodel Gigi Hadid for Copyright Infringement. Again. This time, the photograph in question is her ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik. E!News said that Hadid has not commented about this most recent complaint against her. But, she is no stranger to challenging the notion that the paparazzi have complete control over photographs of celebrities. […]

Collecting Damages Copyright Infringement

Photographers Can Collect Damages for Copyright Infringement Copyright infringement is illegal. If you are a photographer, you work hard to earn a living. You get to decide who uses your pictures and how. You also get to choose how much money, if any, you will charge for them. Copyright infringement occurs with alarming frequency. You […]

Registering Your Copyright

Registering Your Copyright for Your Photographs: Common Questions Where Do I Register? To register for your federal copyright, you must submit information to the US Copyright Office. You can register your photographs by accessing online registration which is located on Office’s website. You may also register by printing and following the instructions on the form, […]

Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

Photographer, Friend Suing Prince’s Estate for Copyright Infringement reported that Madison Dube is suing the estate of the late singer Prince and “associated companies” for copyright infringement. According to the article’s author Jack Alexander, Dube was a friend and protégé of Prince, who worked for the musician between 2013 and his death in 2016. […]

Photo of John and Yoko Sparks Copyright Lawsuit

Photographer Sues Universal Music for Using his Photo of John Lennon Allan Tannenbaum is an award-winning photographer. He is most well-known for taking photographs of the New York City art and music scene during the 1970s and into the early 1980s. Of his vast portfolio of photos, one, in particular, is now the subject of […]

Famous Photographer Sues for Copyright Infringement

Photographer Sues Clorox for Using Photos in Ways that are “Beyond the Scope” of Their Agreement Jill Greenberg is a photographer known for animal portraits. Her book “Monkey Portraits: Plus a Few Apes” is a New York Times bestseller. In an article posted on, Jack Neff writes that one of her famed photos is […]

Paparazzo Sues For Copyright Infringement Media

Paparazzo Sues Ariana Grande for Copyright Infringement Ariana is no stranger to copyright lawsuits. Earlier this year, painter Vladimir Kush sued her for infringement alleging she used imagery from his art in her “God is a Woman” video. Now, New York-based paparazzo Robert Barbera is suing Ariana Grande for copyright infringement. Barbera alleges that Grande […]

Gig Hadid Seeks Dismissal of Copyright Case

Company Suing Gigi Hadid Faces Possible Dismissal of Case In January 2019, supermodel Gigi Hadid became the defendant in a lawsuit for copyright infringement. She was sued by Xclusive-Lee, Inc., a New York business, in the US District Court for the Eastern District of New York. (Case No 1:19-cv-00520). In a recently published article from […]

Controversial New Copyright Laws in Europe

EU Passes controversial copyright law that will hold websites responsible for their users’ copyright violations. The Hollywood Reporter posted a story in late March describing a highly controversial copyright law recently passed by the European Parliament. It is called the European Union (EU) Copyright Directive and serves to “overhaul copyright law in Europe,” bringing the […]

Artist Sues Arianna Grande

Visual Artist Sues Arianna Grande for Copyright Infringement Artist Vladimir Kush and his company Kush Fine Arts Las Vegas have filed a federal copyright suit against Arianna Grande. The complaint, filed in Nevada, alleges that Grande’s video for her hit song “God is a Woman” contains images that belong to the artist. The lawsuit seeks […]

Photographer Sues Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid Sued For Copyright Infringement Again Gigi Hadid, supermodel, fashionista, and influencer, is the latest celebrity to be accused of using pictures without permission. According to a copyright infringement lawsuit filed by Xclusive-Lee, Inc., the Defendant, Hadid violated its copyright when she posted a photograph of herself to one of her social media feeds. […]

Lopez Sued for Copyright Violation

Photographer Sues Jennifer Lopez For Copyright Infringement Jennifer Lopez is the latest person to join a growing list of celebrities who find themselves defendants in lawsuits filed by photographers. According to an article on, Michael Stewart is suing Lopez and her production company for copyright infringement. The Facts of The Case Dunja Djudjic reported […]

Photographers Have The Right to Control The Use Of Their Work

If you earn your living as a photographer, it is essential that you be familiar with the laws that govern the rights to your work. Federal copyright law and intellectual property law (IP law) have a profound effect on individuals who create images and content for a living. Your copyright exists the moment you take […]

The New York Times Seeks To Take Total Control Over Photographs

A PDN pulse report claims that photographers have organized a protest against the revised contract that the New York Times (NYT) is demanding they sign. As of June 13, 2018, 137 photographers signed a petition and presented it to the Times urging them to reconsider the terms of the contract. The NYT as of the […]

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