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Protect Your Rights Against Copyright Violations

Our practice is dedicated to protecting those whose copyrights have been violated
and often lack the resources to protect themselves.  We work on a contingency fee basis,
meaning we don’t get paid unless and until you get paid.


Your Copyright Rights

As the creator of an original work, whether a photograph, illustration, song, text or other work, your copyright rights are created the moment you create your work.


Get Paid for Your Work

When your rights are violated by a publishing company, whether intentionally or negligently, you have rights. We work to ensure you are properly paid pursuant to federal copyright laws.


We Will Litigate for You

While most cases reach a settlement, license or other resolution, we are not afraid to litigate on your behalf. Media companies know this, and should take your claim seriously.

Copyright Laws Protect Your Right to be Paid for Your Work

Here in the United States, creators of original works, such as photographers, artists, musicians, writers and more are entitled to copyright protection for their original work.

Many professionals, particularly photographers and videographers license their work to news outlets and other companies. When your work is illegally copied from that site and republished by another media company, you have rights.

We work with you and can assist you with the filing of a federal copyright application.  If filed timely, this may entitle you to statutory damages.

We then pursue your claims and help achieve a favorable result for you, to get you paid for your hard work.

Our Practice Areas

Our Practices Focuses on Photographers & Creative Individuals Whose Copyrights Have Been Violated

Photograph Copyright Infringement

If you are a photographer and your work has been used without your permission, you may have a claim for damages under copyright laws.

Design Copyright Infringement

As a graphic designer, your work is copyrighted. If your work is used in violation of your copyright, you may have a legal claim.

Illustration Copyright Infringement

Illustrators and other artists have copyright claims to their original work, and may bring a claim if their rights have been violated.

Video Copyright Infringement

If your video has been used in whole or part, or substantially copied, you may have a claim for copyright infringement.

Film Copyright Infringement

Film makers have copyright protection on their work, and may have a claims for infringement if those rights are violated.

Text Copyright Infringement

Writers also have copyright protection for their work, and if it has been plagiarized, may have a claim for copyright infringement.

Logo Design Copyright Infringement

Creators of logos have a copyright interest in their design, and may have a copyright claim if those rights are violated.

Let Our Copyright Attorneys Protect Your Rights

Our lawyers are passionate about protecting those whose copyrights have been violated.  Whether a national television network, an online news outlet or other company, we fight for you.

Our firm was created by an attorney with a passion and life-long interest in photography.  He is an avid photographer and has had his own works published.  Today, Richard Liebowitz, Esq. and his attorneys fight for photographers worldwide who lack the resources to protect themselves..

We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning we get a part of the recovery when we succeed.  You do not pay by the hour for our services, which is how most firms handle these cases.

With our approach, the struggling photographer, videographer, writer, artist or other creator of copyright works can have the law on their side.

In the News

Our firm has been widely covered in the news, because of our willingness to take on
the large media companies who violate our clients’ rights.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Plaintiff in Copyright Case against The Jonas Brothers

Photographer claims that the band posted her copyrighted photo on its social media pages, for publicity purposes, without permission. By Ryan Naumann. The Blast.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Photographer in Copyright Case against Justin Bieber

New York photographer sues the singer-songwriter for posting the lensman’s copyrighted image on Bieber’s Instagram account, without permission. By Jess Cohen.  E! News.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Photographer in Copyright Case Against Ariana Grande

The singer posted New York-based photographer Robert Barbera’s copyrighted photos on her Instagram account, without paying for a license or requesting permission: By Mike Vulpo.  E! News.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Copyright Violation Claim

If your rights as a photographer, writer, artist, graphic designer or other creator were violated, please contact our copyright lawyers today.  We help clients worldwide protect their work and get paid for their efforts.

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