Copyright Litigation Attorneys

If your copyright has been infringed, you may have the right to pursue damages.  Our copyright attorneys focus on copyright litigation, to enforce the rights of creative people whose work has been used without proper permission.

Types of Copyright Infringement Cases We Handle

Copyright Violations Hurt Hard Working Creative Individuals

Whether you are a photographer, composer, writer, illustrator, painter, musician or other creative individual, you have legal rights.  When you create a work, it is your work.  The instant you create that work, a copyright exists.  This is your right to your original work.

When your rights are violated, such as publishing your photograph online, in print, on TV or on merchandise, you may have a legal right to collect damages.

Has your music been used without your permission?  Has your video been published on TV or the web?

Has your illustration, logo or other original work been used without your permission?

If yes, then you may have the right to collect damages for the violation of your copyright.

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Before taking action, it is important that you understand your rights. Call our copyright attorneys today for a no-risk consultation.

Let us learn about your case, determine if we are able to help you, and if we are, the recommended course of action.

Do not let the publishers intimidate you into a low-ball offer for their violation (if they respond at all). Contact our copyright law firm today to discuss the best option for your claim.