• Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Photographer in Copyright Case against Radio Network

    New York photographer claims that East Texas Radio published his copyrighted image, without permission.

    Inside Radio.



  • Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Photo Agency in Copyright Case against Boston Globe

    Polaris Images claims that the Boston Globe published a copyrighted photo taken by one of its represented photographers.

    By Darren Heitner.  Forbes.

  • Baidu Ordered to Pay USD $31K in Copyright Damages by Beijing Court

    The Chinese search engine giant was accused of misusing 76 images, which were exclusively licensed to Shanghai-based photo agency Dongfang IC.

    By Xu Zuwei & Liao Shumin.  Yicai Global.

  • Judge Rules that University Must Face Copyright Claim

    Houston photographer scores early victory, after forcing the University of Houston to defend itself against a lawsuit alleging it published his photos without permission.

    By L.M. Sixel.  Houston Chronicle.

  • Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC is in the News!

    Thank you, Justin Peters, correspondent at Slate, for your story on our law practice!

    By Justin Peters.  The Slate Group.

  • Photographer Alleges that Netflix Stole his Photos

    Montana portrait artist claims that the company violated his copyrights, after airing his storm cloud images in the Netflix original series “Stranger Things.”

    By Jack Alexander.  Fstoppers.

  • Photographer Sues Numerous Copyright Infringers Successfully

    A lawyer-turned-photographer takes on violators of his copyrighted iconic image of the Indianapolis skyline.

    By Mark Alesia.  IndyStar.

  • Record Label Infringes on Photographer’s Work

    Band manager removes copyrighted information from a music photographer’s images, and shares the photos on social media, without permission or compensation.

    By Michael Zhang.  PetaPixel.

  • Media Company Steals Influencer Photos for Affiliate Marketing

    PopSugar is alleged to have infringed on millions of copyrights, after using popular bloggers’s photos to promote online products and services, without permission.

    By Lizzie Plaugic.  The Verge.


  • Apparel Company Sues Kanye West’s Clothing Label for Trademark Infringement

    Jordan Outdoor Enterprises claims that West’s brand, Yeezy, copied Jordan’s Realtree camouflage collection, and used it to market apparel, without permission.

    By Ingrid Schmidt.  The Hollywood Reporter.