Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Client in Celebrity Copyright Suit

Photographer claims that actress Mandy Moore posted his copyrighted image on her Instagram page, without permission or compensation. By Corinne Heller.  E! News.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Client in Copyright Case against LeBron James

The NBA star is accused of posting a freelance sports photographer’s copyrighted image to James’s Facebook and Instagram pages, without permission or compensation. By Michael McCann.  Sports Illustrated.  

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Client in Copyright Case against LeBron James

Florida photographer claims that the NBA star posted the lensman’s copyrighted images to James’s Facebook page, for marketing purposes, without permission or compensation. By Ryan Naumann. The Blast.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Rival Camouflage Company in Copyright Suit

ASAT Outdoors, LLC settles dispute with Supreme for selling ASAT’s copyrighted camouflage designs, without permission or compensation. The Fashion Law.    

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Photographer in Copyright Case Against the Recording Academy

Photographer alleges that the Recording Academy published his copyrighted photo of hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg on the Grammys’ website and social media, and removed his photo credit, without permission or compensation. By Marsha Silva. Digital Music News.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Client In Copyright Case Against Ariana Grande

Photographer claims that the pop star posted his copyrighted image to her Instagram account, without permission or compensation. The Fashion Law.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Client in Copyright Case against Goop

Florida author and music photographer claims that actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s media company infringed on his copyrighted image. By Cydney Contreras.  E! News.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Client in Copyright Case Against Beauty Company

Photographer claims that R&B singer Rihanna’s cosmetics brand, Fenty, infringed on the lensman’s copyrighted celebrity image.  The Fashion Law.        

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Celebrity Photographer in Copyright Case

Photographer files suit against supermodel Emily Ratajkowski, for posting the lensman’s copyrighted image on her Instagram account, without permission. By Kristine Lofgren. Inquistr.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Plaintiff in Copyright Case against The Jonas Brothers

Photographer claims that the band posted her copyrighted photo on its social media pages, for publicity purposes, without permission. By Ryan Naumann. The Blast.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Photographer in Copyright Case against Justin Bieber

New York photographer sues the singer-songwriter for posting the lensman’s copyrighted image on Bieber’s Instagram account, without permission. By Jess Cohen.  E! News.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Photographer in Copyright Case Against Ariana Grande

The singer posted New York-based photographer Robert Barbera’s copyrighted photos on her Instagram account, without paying for a license or requesting permission: By Mike Vulpo.  E! News.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Fyre Festival Attendee in Netflix Copyright Case

Instagram influencer Clarissa Cardenas claims that the streaming giant infringed on her footage of the event scandal, in a new documentary. TMZ.

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Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Photographer in Copyright Case against Olympic Committee

New York photographer Kevin Downs alleges that the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) published his copyrighted image of a New York City ping-pong match, without permission. By Darren Heitner.  The Sports Biz.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Photographer in Copyright Case against the Daily Mail

New York photographer claims that the tabloid published his copyrighted image of Senator Chuck Schumer’s daughter’s wedding, without permission. World IP Review.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Atlanta Photographer in Copyright Case

Photographer Michael Schwarz alleges that Georgia’s Attorney General’s campaign used his copyrighted photo of a political opponent, without permission. By R. Robin McDonald.  Daily Report.    

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Photographer in Copyright Suit against Facebook

Plaintiff Kristen Pierson claims that the company did not honor her DMCA takedown notice, after failing to remove her copyrighted photo from a Facebook page that published her unlicensed work. By Ernesto Van der Sar.  TorrentFreak.      

Be Careful Where You Upload Your Photography

Canadian photographer learns a tough lesson, after agreeing to license his work, royalty-free, to a microstock photography site. By Michael Zhang.  PetaPixel.  

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Atlanta Photographer in Copyright Case

Kevin Liles claims that Governor-elect Brian Kemp used Liles’ copyrighted image of a political rival, in a negative TV campaign spot. By R. Robin McDonald.  Daily Report.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents New York Photographer in Media Copyright Case

Brooklyn-based photographer Rebecca Fay Walsh claims that her photograph of hip-hop star Cardi B. was published on two of Viacom’s websites, without permission or compensation. By TMZ. Copyright Violation Over Donald Trump Wedding Crasher Photo

Donald Trump, Wedding Crasher, Ends Up Being Bad Copyright News for As was reported by Hollywood Reporter, a photograph of President Donald Trump crashing a wedding hosted at his golf course went viral. Several media outlets used this image, which was subject to copyright protection in favor of the photographer. The photographer sued, and […]

Copyright in the Digital Age

The digital age has ushered in an explosion in creative collaboration, not the least of which is made possible by various social media platforms. For creators and consumers alike, the ability to share, engage and experiment with this elastic, new medium has created as many opportunities as challenges. Among the challenges facing the professional creative […]

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents New Jersey Resident in Media Copyright Case

Jonathan Otto claims that his copyrighted image of President Trump was infringed on by Esquire, a website owned by Hearst Communications. By Eriq Gardner.  The Hollywood Reporter.        

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Photographer in Music Photography Copyright Case

Famed Los Angeles, California, rock-and-roll photographer Neil Zlozower claims that music-streaming service Spotify infringed on Zlozower’s exclusive, copyrighted photograph of the band Mötley Crüe. By Alexander Fagaulin.  World Intellectual Property Review.  

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents New York Photographer in Media Copyright Case

Brooklyn, NY, photographer Jeff Bachner claims that East Texas Radio published his registered photograph on its website, without permission. By Lynn LaRowe.  Texarkana News.  

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Photographer in Copyright Case against Newspaper

New York photographer claims that a Texas newspaper used her photograph on its website, without permission. By John Suayan.  SE Texas Record.  

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Photographer in Copyright Case against Radio Network

New York photographer claims that East Texas Radio published his copyrighted image, without permission…

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Photo Agency in Copyright Case against Boston Globe

Polaris Images claims that the Boston Globe published a copyrighted photo taken by one of its represented photographers…

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Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Photographer in Copyright Case against Radio Network

New York photographer claims that East Texas Radio published his copyrighted image, without permission. Inside Radio.    

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Photo Agency in Copyright Case against Boston Globe

Polaris Images claims that the Boston Globe published a copyrighted photo taken by one of its represented photographers. By Darren Heitner.  Forbes.

Baidu Ordered to Pay USD $31K in Copyright Damages by Beijing Court

The Chinese search engine giant was accused of misusing 76 images, which were exclusively licensed to Shanghai-based photo agency Dongfang IC. By Xu Zuwei & Liao Shumin.  Yicai Global.

Judge Rules that University Must Face Copyright Claim

Houston photographer scores early victory, after forcing the University of Houston to defend itself against a lawsuit alleging it published his photos without permission. By L.M. Sixel.  Houston Chronicle.

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Photographer Alleges that Netflix Stole his Photos

Montana portrait artist claims that the company violated his copyrights, after airing his storm cloud images in the Netflix original series “Stranger Things.” By Jack Alexander.  Fstoppers.

Photographer Sues Numerous Copyright Infringers Successfully

A lawyer-turned-photographer takes on violators of his copyrighted iconic image of the Indianapolis skyline. By Mark Alesia.  IndyStar.

Record Label Infringes on Photographer’s Work

Band manager removes copyrighted information from a music photographer’s images, and shares the photos on social media, without permission or compensation. By Michael Zhang.  PetaPixel.

Media Company Steals Influencer Photos for Affiliate Marketing

PopSugar is alleged to have infringed on millions of copyrights, after using popular bloggers’s photos to promote online products and services, without permission. By Lizzie Plaugic.  The Verge.  

Apparel Company Sues Kanye West’s Clothing Label for Trademark Infringement

Jordan Outdoor Enterprises claims that West’s brand, Yeezy, copied Jordan’s Realtree camouflage collection, and used it to market apparel, without permission. By Ingrid Schmidt.  The Hollywood Reporter.  

Meme Artist Sues InfoWars for Copyright Infringement

Matt Furie, creator of “Pepe the Frog,” claims that the website used his artwork to sell a poster, without permission or compensation. By Jacqueline Thomsen.  The Hill.

U.S. Judge Rules that Embedded Tweets could Infringe on Copyrights

Embedded tweets containing copyrighted content, on external websites, may not automatically be granted “fair use” immunity, as explained in this article. By Adi Robertson. The Verge.

Australian Photographer Seeks Compensation for Copyright Infringement

Brad Hunter, photographer for former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, claims that The Daily Telegraph stole Hunter’s image from his Facebook page and cropped him out, for coverage of a news story. By Anna Henderson.  The Australian Broadcasting Corporation.    

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Music Photographer in Copyright Case Against Fox News

Legendary rock ‘n’ roll photographer James Fortune’s registered image of a Led Zeppelin photo was used by the media outlet, without permission. World IP Review.

Artist Sues General Motors for Copyright Infringement

Swiss painter Adrian Falkner alleges that GM used and focused on his mural in a Cadillac commercial, without permission. Swiss Broadcasting Corporation.

Photo Agency Sues Jessica Simpson for Copyright Infringement

Splash News alleges that the celebrity posted the agency’s exclusive, copyrighted image of Simpson on Instagram, and removed Splash’s photo credit, without permission or compensation. By Paul Resnikoff.  Digital Music News.

Grumpy Cat’s Owner Wins $710K in Copyright Damages Against Beverage Company

A jury awarded the amount to Grumpy Cat Limited, after Grenade Beverage, LLC used the cat’s image on roasted coffee products, without permission. By Michael Zhang.  PetaPixel.  

Content Creators Must be Properly Compensated for Their Work

Professional artists create their work for a living, and should always be fairly compensated, as this article points out. By Michael Zhang.  PetaPixel.

UK Mother Captures Attention for Photo of Royals

Karen Anvil’s image of the royal siblings, together with their significant others, smiling directly at the camera, offers a lesson as to why it’s so important to protect your copyrights. By Megan Fisher.  BBC News.

Texas Photographer Sues University for Copyright Infringement

Jim Olive employs a unique legal strategy to compel the University of Houston to adequately compensate him for the use of his photo. By L.M. Sixel.  Houston Chronicle.

Kohler Sues Company for Copyright Infringement

The bath and kitchen manufacturer claims that an unauthorized retailer marketed its copyrighted images without permission. By Arthur Thomas.  BizTimes Media.

Facebook Removes Copyright and Trademark Violations

In the first 6 months of 2017, the social media giant took down nearly 3 million posts, in response to intellectual property complaints. By Paresh Dave.  Reuters.

Artist Sues Marc Jacobs for Copyright Infringement

Photographer and creative artist Katie Thierjung, and two companies, allege that the fashion designer used their designs without permission. By Isaac Kaplan.  Artsy.

New York Photographer Sues the Smithsonian for Copyright Infringement

Bulgarian-born artist Gianfranco Gorgoni claims that the museum and an artist misappropriated Gorgoni’s copyrighted photos of an iconic California fence, in an exhibition. By Jonathan Stempel.  Reuters.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Photographer in Copyright Case Against Media Outlet

New York celebrity photographer Steve Sands asserts that Viacom infringed on his copyrighted photo on one of its websites. By Tim Kenneally.  The Wrap.

Article on Photographers’ Battle Against Copyright Infringement, Featuring Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC

Media outlets that use photographers’ work without permission, to break a news story, are depriving hardworking professionals of their livelihoods, as explained in this article. By Ernesto Van Der Sar.  TorrentFreak.

Artist Settles Copyright Suit Against Kylie Jenner

Sara Pope dismisses case against the reality TV star and several producer co-defendants, for promoting Pope’s famed lips photo, without permission. By Nancy Dillon.  New York Daily News.

New York Photographer Sues Allergan for Copyright Infringement

Sarah Baley claims that the pharmaceutical company used her registered photos in marketing materials and online, without permission or compensation. Life Sciences Intellectual Property Review.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Photographer in Copyright Case Against 50 Cent

New York lensman Christopher Pasatieri claims that the rapper infringed on Pasatieri’s copyrighted photos, after posting them on 50 Cent’s Instagram page, and generating tens of thousands of “likes.” TMZ.  

Photographers Band Together to Protest “Free Photos”

International street photographers raise awareness about commercial infringements on the collective group’s social media photos. By Elizabeth Paton.  The New York Times.

New York Photographer Sues Gigi Hadid for Copyright Infringement

Peter Cepeda claims that the model posted his exclusive agency photo of Hadid to her Instagram account, gaining over 1.2M “likes,” without credit or compensation. By Lucy Yang.  Insider.

It’s Vital to Get Credited and Compensated for Your Artwork

Here’s a great example of why it’s important to be prepared, before your photos and videos go viral. By Michael Sechler.  PetaPixel.  

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents New York Photographer in Copyright Case Against Kendall Jenner, Inc.

Al Pereira claims that Jenner’s company infringed on his copyrighted photos of Tupac and other rappers, by using them on T-shirts for sale online. TMZ.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Photographer’s Estate Against the Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs

The estate for the late UK fashion photographer Brian Duffy claims that the Hard Rock infringed on Duffy’s iconic photo, used on the late famed UK singer-songwriter David Bowie’s album cover. TMZ.

Watermarking Your Images Is Not Enough, Today – Protecting Your Copyrights is Vital

This article explains how easy it is for watermarks to be removed by computer algorithms.  Properly copyrighting your work is key! By Nick Statt.  The Verge.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Las Vegas Photographer in Copyright Suit Against Media Outlets

Celebrity photographer Marcel Thomas alleges that ABC News and Yahoo! infringed on Thomas’s registered photos of businessman Sumner Redstone and his former girlfriend. World Intellectual Property Review.

Artist’s Copyright Suit Against the USPS Heads to Trial

The sculptor claims that a photo of his Las Vegas-based, famed replica of the Statute of Liberty was printed on nearly 4 billion stamps. By Isaac Kaplan.  Artsy.

Ohio Photographer Sues Procter & Gamble for $75M+ in Copyright Damages

Cincinnati-based Annette Navarro claims that the consumer goods giant infringed on her copyrights, after using her registered photos on product packaging, far beyond the scope of her license. By Michael Zhang.  PetaPixel.

To Maximize Your Artwork’s Value, It’s Critical to Protect Your Copyrights

This article explains why it’s vital to register your creative work with the U.S. Copyright Office.  The earlier, the better. By Allen Murabayashi.  PetaPixel.

Copyright Protection in Today’s Social Media Age

Enforcing one’s intellectual property is vital, especially in today’s rapidly expanding digital landscape. By Max Dubler.  PetaPixel.  

Los Angeles Photographer Files Copyright Suit Against Kylie & Kendall Jenner

Michael Miller alleges that the Jenner sisters used his photos of the late Tupac Shakur to sell T-shirts, without permission. By Daniel Kreps.  Rolling Stone.

Late Photographer’s Estate Sues Gallery for Copyright Infringement

The estate of mid-1900s Chicago street artist Vivian Maier claims that it owns the rights to Maier’s photos, which were sold as prints by a Minneapolis gallery. By Maury Glover.  Fox Television Stations, LLC.

Elsevier Wins $15M in Copyright Damages

The science publisher wins the maximum amount allowed by U.S. law, after websites shared 100 of Elsevier’s articles without permission. By Calvin Reid.  Publishers Weekly.

Artist Defends Copyrights of Muralists Against Commercial Exploitation

Florida muralist Derek Donnelly stands up for fellow street artists, whose work has been infringed on and sold for profit. By Christopher Spata.  Tampa Bay Times.

Music Photographer Sues Major Retailers for $600K in Copyright Damages

Danny Clinch alleges that Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters used his copyrighted photos of rapper Tupac Shakur to sell infringing merchandise. By Jayphen Simpson.  PetaPixel.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Photographer in Copyright Suit Against Tiffany & Company

New York photographer Peter Gould claims that the jewelry company infringed on his registered photo in a company website video. World Intellectual Property Review.

Texas Artists Share Stories of Finding Their Content Stolen Online

Painters and other artists report seeing their work used on posters, T-shirts, coffee mugs, among other items, and sold for a profit, without their permission. By Kylie McGivern.  KXAN.

Montana Photographer Sues Republican National Committee for Copyright Infringement

Erika Peterman alleges that the RNC used her photo of musician and DNC Congressional candidate Rob Quist, in voter mailers, without permission. By Michael Zhang.  PetaPixel.

Federal Jury Awards $900K in Copyright Damages to Oregon Retailer

A plant company’s competitor infringed on 24 of the retailer’s photographs, using them 133 times, on the rival’s website and in marketing materials. By David Walker.  PDN Pulse.

John Wayne Enterprises Sues Boot Company for $1M for Copyright and Trademark Infringement

The business entity, created to protect the late western icon’s intellectual property, claims that El Paso, Texas, boot company Lucchese has promoted and profited from John Wayne’s image and name, without permission. By Aaron Martinez.  El Paso Times.

Copyrights in Today’s Digital Age

It’s critical to protect your copyrighted work, especially in this era of social media, as UK music photographer John McMurtrie explains it. PetaPixel.

UK Photographer Sues Sky News for Copyright Infringement

Freelance aerial photographer Eddie Mitchell claims that the media company embedded his tweeted photo in a news article, without permission. By DL Cade.  PetaPixel.

Khloe Kardashian Sued for Copyright Infringement

UK-based photo agency Xposure Photos alleges that the reality TV star removed the agency’s watermark and posted the photo on Instagram, sharing it with her nearly 70M followers, without permission. By Eriq Gardner.  The Hollywood Reporter.

Jury Awards Wisconsin Artist $4M in Copyright Damages

Illustrator Amy Sullivan’s registered artwork was infringed upon by global health products supplier Flora, in multiple advertising campaigns. By Steven Elbow.  The Capital Times.

Beauty Companies Infringe on Photographer’s Instagram Photos

Marie Claire and Estée Lauder-owned Bumble and bumble shared Pennsylvania photographer James Jollay’s image with nearly 1 million Instagram followers, without credit or compensation. By James Jollay.  PetaPixel.

Los Angeles Photojournalist Files Copyright Suit Against Media Companies

Action photographer Jeffrey R. Werner alleges that Barcroft Media, Ltd. and Valnet Inc. used his registered photos without permission. By Wadi Reformado.  Northern California Record.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Music Photographer in Copyright Case Against Apparel Companies

NYC-based British photographer Mick Rock’s copyrighted photos of the late-guitarist Lou Reed were used on apparel sold by retailers Barneys, Enfants, and The RealReal. The Fashion Law.  

UK Equestrian Photographers Battle Copyright Infringement

Thoroughbred racing lensmen contend with an increasingly competitive and expensive bid to protect their copyrighted photographs. By Sarah Radford.  Horse & Hound.

U.S. Appeals Court Rules Favorably for Copyright Owners

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals finds that website moderators may have the ability to screen for copyrighted content, thus limiting site operators’ DMCA safe-harbor immunity from copyright claims. By Eriq Gardner.  The Hollywood Reporter.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Russian Photographer in Copyright Case Against Vice Media

The news website infringed on Jana Romanova’s registered photo collection, for the second time, in recent months. By Holly Hughes.  PDN Pulse.  

Music Photographer Sues Artist, Manager, and Record Label for Copyright Infringement

San Francisco-based freelancer Paige K. Parsons claims that singer Erykah Badu and her representatives, including Universal Music Group, used Parsons’s copyrighted photo without permission. By Rebecca Cooper.  Washington Business Journal.

Florida Photographer Sues Forever 21 for Copyright Infringement

Vanessa Boy claims that the apparel retailer used her Instagram photo on social media and advertisements, without credit or permission. The Fashion Law.

Celebrity Photo Agency Sues Gossip Site for Copyright Infringement

Mavrix Photographs alleges that news site Black Celebrity Kids used several of Mavrix’s registered photos of Beyonce, without permission. By Jenie Mallari-Torres.  Northern California Record.    

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Dallas Photographer in Copyright Suit Against Memorabilia Store

Rogelio Albert Pena claims that a Dallas collectibles store sold his photo of a famed baseball player fight, without permission. By Darren Rovell.  ESPN.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Photographer against Forbes in Copyright Case

Global photojournalist Jodi Hilton sues the business magazine for infringing on her copyrighted photo of a Harvard University lecturer. By World IP Review.

Artist and Museum Found Guilty of Infringing on Late Photographer’s Work

A French court ruled that American artist Jeff Koons misappropriated the late French photographer Jean-François Bauret’s iconic photograph, in Koons’s statue creation, and the exhibiting Pompidou Center was at fault for using an image of the statue in its marketing materials. By Amah-Rose Abrams.  Artnet News.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Italian Photographer in Copyright Suit against BuzzFeed

UK-based photojournalist Alex Masi claims that the social news website infringed on his copyrighted photo, in a published story. World IP Review.

Tyra Banks Infringes on UK Photographer’s Work, on Instagram

The TV personality shared Don Mupasi’s images with her nearly five million Instagram followers, twice, without giving credit or asking for permission. By DL Cade.  PetaPixel.

North Carolina Woman Sues Anheuser-Busch for Copyright Infringement

Kayla Kraft claims that the beer company lifted her registered photo from her Facebook page and used it for a retail marketing campaign throughout North Carolina. World Intellectual Property Review.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Photographer in Copyright Suit Against Fashion Website

New York photojournalist Dennis Clark sues Refinery29 for infringing on his copyrighted photo in an online article. The Fashion Law.  

LA Photographer Sues Time Inc. for Copyright Infringement

Michael Grecco claims that the media outlet stole his registered photo of a breast pump and used it in an online article. By World Intellectual Property Review.

Zillow Must Pay $8.3M in Copyright Infringement Damages to Illinois Photography Studio

The real estate listings giant was sued for using thousands of VHT Studios’ photographs on Zillow’s website, to list properties, without permission. By E.B. Solomont.  The Real Deal.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents New York Photographer in Copyright Suit Against Tiffany & Co.

Photojournalist Peter Gould claims that Tiffany used his exclusive photo of famed jewelry designer Elsa Peretti, and removed Gould’s photo credit, without permission, to sell Peretti’s jewelry on Tiffany’s website. By World Intellectual Property Review.

Tourism Tasmania Takes Down Instagram Photos

Local photographers claimed that the tourism company promoted their images on Instagram, for commercial purposes, without permission. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Philadelphia Photographer Sues Budweiser for Copyright Infringement

R. Bradley Maule claims that the beer giant stole his unique photograph of the Philadelphia skyline, and used the photo in ads around the city, during Pope Francis’s 2015 visit. By Stephanie Farr.  The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Popular Instagram Influencer Lifts and Alters Photographs

A Thai Air flight attendant shuts down her Instagram account, after facing backlash for stealing photographers’ images, inserting herself into them, and promoting her brand. By Michael Zhang.  PetaPixel.

Photographer Faces Cyberbullying for Defending Her Copyright

Augusta, Georgia photographer faces the worst on social media, after calling out a popular Instagram influencer who used her photo without permission. By Michael Zhang.  PetaPixel.

Australian Photographer Sues Town Council for Copyright Infringement

Alyson Lewis claims that her Queensland locality misused her photograph and denied her any attribution or compensation. By Helen Spelitis.  Warwick Daily News.

Finnish Photographer Accuses Metallica of Copyright Infringement

Photographer Henri Käck claims that the American heavy metal band lifted one of his photos and used it in the group’s latest music video, ‘Murder One.’ By Tom Williams.  Music Feeds.

UK Photographer Wins Copyright Battle Against Stock Photo Agency

Freelance photojournalist Eddie Mitchell wins settlement from UK-based image house Alamy, after the company obtained Mr. Mitchell’s aerial drone photo of a British schoolhouse fire and credited it to another photographer, and then sold the photo to news outlets for far less than Mr. Mitchell’s standard licensing rate. By Freddy Mayhew.  Press Gazette.

IT Company Sued for Copyright Infringement

Georgia photographer Allison Rose sues technology firm MSI for using Ms. Rose’s photo in an advertising campaign, without permission. By Luke Plunkett.  Cosplay.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Russian Photographer in Copyright Suit Against VICE Media

Photojournalist Jana Romanova sues the media outlet for publishing her registered copyrighted photo of a pregnant married couple, in an online article, without permission. By Holly Hughes.  Photo District News.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents New York City Photographer in Copyright Suit Against ABC News

Freelance photojournalist Stephen Yang sues the broadcasting company for infringing on his registered copyrighted photo of the city’s biggest cat, an image Mr. Yang licensed to the New York Post. By TMZ.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Rock and Roll Photographer Against Playboy

Music photographer James Fortune sues the adult magazine for using his copyrighted photo of Beatles singer Paul McCartney, on Playboy’s website, without permission. By TMZ.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Photographers Against Media Outlet Copyright Infringements

New York City photographers Bruce Cotler and Theodore Parisienne fight copyright violations committed by Univision Communications Inc. and Emmis Communications Corp., respectively, on the companies’ websites. By Inside Radio. 

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Los Angeles Photographer in $150,000 Copyright Suit Against CBS Radio

Photographer Josh J. Withers sues the broadcasting giant for infringing on his copyrighted photo of a concert performed by heavy-metal band Metallica, in an online article published by a company-owned radio station. By Inside Radio.

Wisconsin Photographer Wins $25,000 in Copyright Suit

Jennifer Rondinelli Reilly is awarded statutory damages, to be paid by event ticketing platform, after the business lifted Reilly’s copyrighted concert photo and removed her watermark, and used the image on the company’s website. By Alexis Kramer.  Bloomberg BNA.

Dr. Seuss Sues ComicMix for Copyright Infringement

The rights holder of the classic children’s book series files suit against a comic book website, for replicating and marketing original Dr. Seuss content for a comic strip, without authorization. By TMZ.

Artist Sues Sony for Copyright Infringement

Mexican artist Humberto Puentes-Segura, creator of restaurant logo for former AMC drama series ‘Breaking Bad,’ sues Sony for selling merchandise featuring Puentes-Segura’s copyrighted design, without authorization. By Ashley Cullins.  The Hollywood Reporter.

Warner Bros. Wins Appeal of Copyright Victory Against Product Infringers

The end of the entertainment giant’s 10-year legal battle against peddlers of “The Wizard of Oz,” “Gone With the Wind,” and other classic film merchandise, affirms the company’s $2.6M court award for copyright infringement. By Eriq Gardner.  The Hollywood Reporter.

Federal Court Rules that Server Service Must Release Domain Name Owner Information

U.S. judge orders Cloudfare to release information about website operators believed to be committing piracy and copyright infringement. By Ernesto.  TorrentFreak.

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents New York Area Photographers Against Media Outlet Infringements

Our law firm fights infringements on copyrighted photos, committed by two large media outlets, on behalf of two independent photojournalists. By Inside Radio.

Game Company Sues Hasbro for Infringing on Its App Design

Peak Games goes to battle with the toy company giant for allegedly lifting original content from its popular game ‘Toy Blast’ and replicating it to create a ‘My Little Pony’ puzzle game app. By Dean Takahashi.  VentureBeat.

California Photographer Sues Baseball Card Company for Copyright Infringement

Alex Evers alleges that the company refused to properly license and profited from his copyrighted sports photography. By Wadi Reformado.  Northern California Record.

Minnesota Photographer Sues Studio for Infringing on Prince Photographs

Allen Beaulieu claims that his 3,000 exclusive, registered images of the late “Purple Rain” legend were stolen and exploited by an art studio owner. By Jennie Lissarrague and Beth McDonough.  KSTP-TV.

UK Photographer Sues Trump Campaign for Copyright Infringement

David Kittos, whose copyrighted photo of a bowl of Skittles was tweeted in a campaign ad by the Republican presidential candidate’s eldest son, sues the Trump campaign in Illinois federal court. By Carey Dunne.  Hyperallergic.

Late Graffiti Artist’s Family Sues McDonald’s for Copyright Infringement

Dash Snow’s family claims that the fast food giant copied Snow’s graffiti art, for decoration, in hundreds of its restaurants, without permission or attribution. By Enrico Bonadio.  CityMetric.

New York Photographer Sues Radio Station for Infringing on Photo

Gary Miller, represented by Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC, files suit against Cumulus Media for using Miller’s image of Tupac Shakur, on a hip-hop station website, without permission. All Access Music Group.

Boxing Photographer Sues Film Studio for Copyright Infringement

Teddy Blackburn, represented by Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC, sues Xenon Pictures for infringing on Blackburn’s photos of Mike Tyson’s infamous ear biting of Evander Holyfield in their 1997 boxing match. By TMZ.

Broadway Musical ‘Hamilton’ Sues T-Shirt Makers for Trademark & Copyright Infringement

The theatrical hit claims that two companies are using the show’s now-famous silhouette logo to market and sell online merchandise, without permission. By TMZ.

LA Artist Files $1M Copyright Suit Against Kohl’s

Lili Chin claims that the retail giant stole her copyrighted dog poster design and used it on apparel sold by the company. By Brian Boucher.  Artnet News.

California Photographer Pursues Infringement on Street Photograph

Adam George sues several real estate firms that used his copyrighted image of Venice, CA, to market properties, without his permission. By Wadi Reformado.  Northern California Record.

New York Photojournalist Sues Cox Media for Unauthorized Use of Trump-Like Bird Photo

Matthew McDermott, represented by Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC, takes on the media giant for publishing McDermott’s copyrighted image of a bird, whose plumage resembles Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump’s hair, in nearly 80 outlets, without permission or compensation. By Nick Divito.  Courthouse News Service.

California Man Sues ABC and Yahoo for Copyright Infringement

Kali Kanongataa, whose Facebook video of his son’s birth was recently viewed worldwide, claims in a suit filed by Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC that the media giants published the copyrighted video without Kanongataa’s permission. By Wendy Davis.  MediaPost.  

Donald Trump Jr. Infringes on Copyrighted Image

The Republican presidential candidate’s oldest son used British photographer David Kittos’ copyrighted image of a bowl of Skittles, in a Trump campaign tweet, without Kittos’ permission. By Jessica Roy and Colleen Shalby.  Los Angeles Times.

Photographer Sues News Organizations for Unauthorized Photo Usage

New York-based photojournalist Paul Martinka, represented by Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC, claims that Time, CNN, and C-SPAN infringed on Martinka’s photo of former Republican presidential candidate Ohio Gov. John Kasich, after broadcasting the photo without licensing permission. By Anandashankar Mazumdar.  Bloomberg BNA.    

Motley Crue Sued for Copyright Infringement

Photographers Neil Zlozower and Barry Levine, represented by Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC, allege that the 1980s band used the photographers’ exclusive photos of the group’s “Final Tour,” without permission, to sell merchandise online and at concerts.  

Grumpy Cat Sues Beverage Maker for $1.8M in Copyright Damages and Legal Fees

The viral feline brand alleges that LA-based Grenade Beverage breached the companies’ licensing agreement, and used Grumpy Cat’s image to sell roasted coffee, T-shirts, and other products, without authorization. By Chris O’Brien.  VentureBeat.  

Celebrity News Site Infringes on Copyrights

Gossip Cop was hit with a nearly $18,000 judgment, after a U.S. federal court ruled that the commercial entertainment site used two companies’ celebrity photos without permission. By Jack Greiner.  The Cincinnati Enquirer.

Photographer Wins Appeal of $1.6M Jury Verdict for Copyright Infringement

A federal appeals court sustained the award for Philadelphia photographer Andrew Paul Leonard, after a dietary supplements company used Leonard’s stem cell photographs, without permission, 92 times. By David Walker.  Photo District News.

Zuma Press Sues Getty Images

Zuma, represented by Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC, sues Getty for illegally licensing and profiting from over 47,000 of Zuma’s sports photos. By Cyrus Farivar.  Ars Technica. By Andrew Chung.  Reuters.

Fox News Sued for Copyright Infringement

LA photojournalist Todd Bigelow, represented by Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC, sues Fox for using Bigelow’s Mexican border photo, in a news article, without permission. By Tobias Burns.  The Hollywood Reporter.  

Reality TV Show Blog Commits Copyright Infringement

New Jersey wedding photographer Neil Clipper, represented by Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC, sues Reality Tea for using Clipper’s wedding photo of Teresa and Joe Giudice on Reality’s site without permission. TMZ.

Freelance Photographers Pursue Media Outlet Infringements

A featured story discusses Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC’s recent copyright suits, filed against infringing news outlets, on behalf of independent photographers. By Ernesto Van der Sar.  TorrentFreak.  

Music Photographer Files Copyright Suit

New York-based photographer Glen Craig, represented by Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC, sues American blues legend B.B. King’s estate and Universal Music Group for infringing on Craig’s exclusive photographs of King. By the Associated Press.  Billboard.

Photographer Sues Cox Media Group

Photographer J.C. Rice, represented by Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC, claims that Cox used his photo of a formerly missing Columbia University student, without permission or credit, on the radio station giant’s websites. By Adam Goldstein.  The SPLC.

Photojournalist Sues Yahoo for Infringing on his Photo

London-based photographer Alex Masi, represented by Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC, claims that the company willfully infringed on his photo, in a Yahoo news article. By Alexis Kramer.  Bloomberg BNA.

Photographer Shares Frustration about Copyright Infringement

Texas Star-Telegram Staff Photographer Richard W. Rodriguez airs his and the newspaper’s frustrations about infringements on Rodriguez’s now-viral iconic photo of Toronto Blue Jay Jose Bautista’s punch to the face by Texas Ranger Rougned Odor. By Andrew Greenstein.  CBS Local Media.    

Getty Sues Man for Copyright Infringement

The photo agency claims that an Ohio man devised a scheme that allowed him to steal and resell thousands of Getty’s high-resolution images through a Facebook group. By DL Cade.  PetaPixel.

Trump Settles Copyright Suit

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign settles copyright suit brought by two photographers who claimed that the campaign used their iconic “Bald Eagle Portrait” photograph on campaign merchandise without permission. By Victoria Bekiempis.  New York Daily News.

Photographer Sues Artist for Copyright Infringement

Music photographer Dennis Morris sues appropriation artist Richard Prince for using Morris’s copyrighted photos of Sex Pistols bass guitarist Sid Vicious, without Morris’s consent. By Vida Weisblum.  Observer.

Photographer Sues Spotify for Copyright Infringement

Dutch celebrity photographer Dana Lixenberg sues the music-streaming giant for using her photo of the late “Notorious B.I.G.” without permission on the artist’s Spotify page. By Eriq Gardner.  The Hollywood Reporter.

Photographer Sues Celebrity News Site for Copyright Infringement

New York freelance celebrity photographer Steve Sands, represented by Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC, sues Dan Abrams’s celebrity news site The Mary Sue for infringing on his exclusive photos of the Netflix original TV series “Jessica Jones.” By Keith J. Kelly.  New York Post.

Photographer Files Copyright Suit Against Houghton Mifflin

Pennsylvania photographer Michael A. Keller sues the textbook publishing giant, for allegedly breaching their licensing agreement and infringing on Keller’s copyrighted photographs. By Jamie Keller.  Pennsylvania Record.

Photographer Sues McGraw-Hill for Copyright Infringement

Pennsylvania photographer Michael A. Keller sues the textbook publishing giant for allegedly breaching a licensing agreement, and therefore infringing on Keller’s copyrighted photographs. By Gene Johnson.  Penn Record.

Canadian Photographer Settles with Radio Station

Ottawa photographer Paul Couvrette wins copyright suit against the parent company of Boom 99.7 radio station, Corus Entertainment, for infringing on Couvrette’s watermarked real estate photograph. By Haley Ritchie.  Metro News.

Photographer Sues Newsweek for Copyright Infringement

New York photographer Brian R. Wolff claims that Newsweek infringed on exclusive photos Wolff took at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, by featuring Wolff’s photos on the publication’s website in July 2014, without permission, and refusing to take them down. By Annie Hunt.  The Pennsylvania Record.

Publicist and Videographer Sue PBS and Surrogacy Firm for Copyright Infringement

Publicist Wendy Wheaton and cameraman Tommy Phipps Sr. sue PBS and World of Surrogacy LLC for $2.55M in damages, after the surrogacy firm’s owner Crystal Travis allegedly used Wheaton and Phipps’s copyrighted surrogacy footage and photographs, as if they belonged to her, in a PBS documentary entitled “To the Contrary.” By Dru Sefton.  Current.  

NY Photographer Sues Foundation for Copyright Infringement

Photographer Bobby Miller claims that the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation is not exhibiting self-portraits of the late photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, but instead infringing on exclusive photos that Miller took of Mapplethorpe in his Manhattan loft, in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The Associated Press.  The New York Daily News.

Photographer Sues Apparel Designer for Photo Infringement

New York photographer Eric Johnson sues company Rocksmith Group, LLC for exploiting his photo of the late singer Aaliyah on T-shirts and other apparel, depriving Johnson of referral revenue and clothing profits, especially from the photographer’s own Aaliyah T-shirt line. By Tim Kenneally.  The Wrap.  

Photographer Sues Instagram for Copyright Infringement

Wisconsin photographer Jennifer R. Reilly claims that Instagram infringed on her registered copyright of an image of a pair of red lips and a microphone, and repeatedly ignored her takedown requests. By Gil Kaufman.  Billboard.

Trump’s Campaign Accused of Copyright Infringement

Two co-owners of a wildlife photography business assert that Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump’s campaign infringed on the duo’s “iconic” 1980 photo of a flying bald eagle, by using the image in its campaign materials and on yard signs for sale, on the campaign’s website. By Lia Eustachewich.  New York Post.

Led Zeppelin Sued by Rival Band for Copyright Infringement

Led Zeppelin is sued by band Spirit for allegedly infringing on the 1968 song “Taurus,” in Zeppelin’s 1971 song “Stairway to Heaven.” By Cal Jeffrey.  Inquisitr.

Lindsay Lohan Sues Makers of Grand Theft Auto for Copyright Infringement

A  New York federal judge rules that the “Mean Girls” star’s copyright suit can proceed, after Take-Two Interactive failed to overcome claims that the software company used Lohan’s image and personality in its popular video game. By Barbara Ross.  The New York Daily News.  

Viral-Video Website Wins Copyright Appeal

Jukin Media wins copyright suit against Equals Three Studios, after a jury finds Equals Three guilty of using Jukin’s properly licensed, user-generated viral videos, for commercial purposes, without permission. By Todd Spangler.  Variety.

Software Company Wins $30M Copyright Suit

Software company Synopsys is awarded $30M in damages, after jury finds rival firm ATopTech guilty of infringing on Synopsys’s copyrighted circuit software. By Ross Todd.  The Recorder.

Visual Journalist Sues ABC for Infringing on Video

Freelance photographer Paul Adao, represented by Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC, sues ABC for broadcasting his 2013 video interview with former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, which was licensed to the New York Post, and aired on ABC World News without permission. By Ashley Cullins.  The Hollywood Reporter.

Producers of Fox’s Hit Show ‘Empire’ Sued for $1.5 Billion

Novelist Timothy J. Levi sues Fox, ‘Empire’ creator Lee Daniels, and other show producers for $1.5 billion in damages; the defendants allegedly infringed on Levi’s rights to the show’s concept, after Levi shared his 2007 manuscript with an attorney, whom supposedly copied and shared it with “Empire’ producers before the show premiered in 2015. By […]

Richard Prince Sued for NYC Instagram Exhibit

The visual artist and Gagosian Gallery, and its owner Larry Gagosian, are sued by LA photographer Donald Graham, for infringing on Graham’s federally registered image, lifted from the photographer’s Instagram account and displayed at an NYC art exhibition. By The Fashion Law.  

Jay-Z’s Tidal Music-Streaming Service Sued for $5M

The hip-hop mogul’s company faces $5M copyright suit by band who claims that Tidal’s self-proclaimed ‘pro-artist’ service actually doesn’t pay royalties and intentionally miscalculates royalty rates. By Kia Kokalitcheva. Fortune.      

3D-Printing Firm Uses and Sells 3D-Design Site’s Work on eBay

Startup firm Just3DPrint searches 3D-model design site Thingiverse, and creates and posts 3D items for sale on eBay, in direct violation of the 3D designers’ noncommercial-use stipulations. By John Biggs.  TechCrunch.

CBS and Paramount Sue ‘Star Trek’ Fan-Made Film for Copyright Infringement

The studios allege that the crowdfunded movie ‘Anaxar’ infringes on many copyrighted features of the ‘Star Trek’ franchise, while the film’s attorneys contend that the movie actually helps the ‘Star Trek’ brand. By Blanche Johnson.  Fox News.    

Justin Timberlake and Face Copyright Suit

The 2 mega-hit crooners are accused of infringing on a music publisher’s rights to the 1969 disco-hit song “A New Day is Here At Last,” in the duo’s similar-sounding pop song “Damn Girl,” featured in Timberlake’s 2006 album “Futuresex/Lovesounds.” By Naja Rayne.  People.

Fox News and New Jersey Media Group Settle Copyright Case

A settlement was reached after the media giant infringed on a New Jersey publisher’s rights to an iconic 9/11 photo of 3 firefighters raising the American flag at the World Trade Center site. By Reuters.  Raw Story.  

Warner Music Settles “Happy Birthday” Copyright Suit for $14M

Music publisher Warner/Chappell Music agrees to terminate its copyright to the world’s most popular song, for a lawsuit settlement of $14M, putting “Happy Birthday to You” into the public domain for all to use freely, subject to approval by a Los Angeles federal court. By Eriq Gardner. The Hollywood Reporter.  

Cassandra Clare Sued for Copyright infringement

Rival author accuses the “Shadowhunters” novel creator of lifting her original work, resulting in the book’s successful series and TV and film adaptations. By Isabella Biedenharn. Entertainment Weekly.

New York Times Sues Publisher for Infringing on its Covers

The newspaper sues independent publisher PowerHouse Books, and its CEO, for using 64 mini-images of the Times’s front cover, in the publisher’s book, “War is Beautiful.” By Jillian Steinhauer. Hyperallergic.

Apple Found Liable for $625M Patent Infringement

Texas jury finds that Apple’s FaceTime technology infringed on a security software company’s patents, in a $625M verdict for VirnetX. By Mark Curriden. The Dallas Morning News.

Software Company Sued for Use of Copyrighted Tattoo Designs

Tattoo-design company sues software company for $1.1M for reproducing copyrighted tattoos on athletes in the video game NBA 2K16. By Eriq Gardner. The Hollywood Reporter.

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement Directs ISPs to Identify Infringers

The treaty equips intellectual property holders, in member countries, with new tools to protect and enforce their digital ownership rights. By Peter Sayer. IDG News Service.

Kim Dotcom Claims He Cannot be Extradited from NZ to U.S. for Copyright Case

In the U.S. copyright case against Dotcom, founder of the now-defunct file-sharing site Megaupload, the web mogul asserts that the extradition treaty was not meant for intellectual property disputes and that both countries’ judicial systems do not deem copyright infringement to be fraud. By Corrine Reichert. ZDNet.

Taylor Swift Faces $42M Copyright Suit over Lyrics in Her Song “Shake it Off”

Musician Jessie Braham sues Swift over her 2014 chorus lyrics “Haters Gone Hate,” as Braham claims to have used the same lyrics in his 2013 copyrighted song of the same name. By Chris Isidore and Samuel Burke. CNN Money.

Jay Z Attends Court in LA for Music Copyright Case

The hip-hop mogul and his and producer Timbaland’s attorneys claim that the pair had the rights to use an Egyptian composer’s melody for the rapper’s 1999 hit song “Big Pimpin’.” By Daina Beth Solomon. Reuters.

NFL Cries Foul over Twitter Accounts that Violated its Copyright

Twitter responded to the NFL’s complaint and disabled the Twitter accounts of SB Nation and Deadspin, after the companies posted NFL-copyrighted videos. By The Associated Press. ESPN.

Teen Seeks Compensation from Brand Lorna Jane for Use of Her Image

The company used a photo the girl posted of herself on Instagram, wearing a Lorna Jane shirt, on its website, and now the teen is considering legal action for copyright breach. By Mary Ward. The Sydney Morning Herald.

Jay Z Seeks Delay of Copyright Trial over Song “Big Pimpin”

The hip-hop star claims that the plaintiff won’t be appearing in court on that date, due to a medical condition, and thus would be relying on outdated testimony from an old deposition. By Eriq Gardner. The Hollywood Reporter.

Facebook Fake Privacy Notice is Back

The Facebook user copyright hoax has returned and gone viral with 2 different bogus notices. By Jeff John Roberts. Fortune.

PETA Sues Photographer Over Monkey’s Copyrighted Photo

The organization claims that Naruto, a macaque monkey who took a selfie that quickly went viral, owns the rights to the photo, not the photographer whose camera was used. The courts will now take up the issue of what it means to be the “author” of a copyrighted work. By Christopher Buccafusco. MSNBC.

Web Mogul Kim Dotcom Faces U.S. Extradition Trial in New Zealand

If deported, the German tech businessman may have to answer to a litany of charges brought by the U.S. Justice Department, including copyright infringement, money laundering, and racketeering, over his now-defunct file-sharing site, Megaupload. By Reuters and VICE News.

Copyright Violation Accusations Flare at New York Fashion Week

Shoe designer Maryam Nassir Zadeh accuses designer Mansur Gavriel of copying Nassir Zadeh’s signature footwear style. By Scarlett Conlon. Vogue.

G.I. Joe Creator Sues to Reclaim Copyright from Hasbro

The action figure creator presented the idea to the company in 1963 and was offered an upfront purchase price for the concept, as well as a sales royalty, which he claims Hasbro reneged on. By Nancy Dillon and Dareh Gregorian. New York Daily News.

Moschino Designer Jeremy Scott Faces Copyright Suit by Artist Rime

Rime alleges that Scott and Moschino copied his Detroit-commissioned mural design to create the brand’s fall/winter 2015 collection. By Kelsey Drain. FashionTimes.

Ashley Madison May Find Itself in Hot Water over Baseless Takedown Notices

The adultery site may soon find itself accused of copyright abuse, as its takedown notices issued to social media and news sites, after the company’s massive hack, seem to be more about saving face than saving protected content. By Jeff John Roberts. Fortune.

Man Loses Court Battle to Copyright Food Dish

A man invents a chicken sandwich for Church’s Chicken in the late 1980s, but when he tried to sue the company in 2014 for his share of his creation’s profits, a U.S. Appeals Court ruled that specific food items are not copyrightable. By Roberto A. Ferdman. The Washington Post.

U.S. Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Cheerleader Uniform Copyright

Appeals Court sides with Varsity Brands, Inc., in its copyright suit against competitor Star Athletica, LLC, after Varsity accused Star of infringing on its cheerleader uniform designs. By Reuters.

Former Rapper and Comic Actor Josh Ostrovsky is Accused of Joke Infringement

Ostrovsky faces a mountain of evidence that he stole jokes from other comedians, resulting in potential legal action for copyright infringement. By Oliver Herzfeld. Forbes.

Adultery Dating Site Ashley Madison Invokes Copyright Law to Contain Hacking Damage

Ashley Madison sends cease and desist letters to social media and other sites, to prevent widespread publication of users’ contact information, after the site’s database of 37 million users was recently hacked. By Alex Hern. The Guardian.

Danish Police Arrest “Popcorn Time” Informational Site Operators

Police in Denmark arrest 2 owners of websites that offer information concerning the use of year-old video-streaming site Popcorn Time, which increasingly is being viewed as a haven for copyright and piracy violators. By Andy. TorrentFreak.

Jay Z and Timbaland will Testify in “Big Pimpin'” Lawsuit

The hip-hop megastars will make their case that they did not use an Egyptian composer’s song illegally in their 1999 hit song, in a California courtroom this October. The Guardian.  

Jimi Hendrix Family Settles Copyright Dispute

Rights to trademarked images, including Jimi Hendrix’s face, have split the Hendrix family apart, leading to a 6-year copyright battle, that just ended in a settlement. By Mikey Blanco. Food World News.  

Jay Z Sued over Copyright Claim to Beat in ’99 Song

The hip-hop mogul is sued by an Egyptian composer’s heir for using a flute selection, similar to one featured in a 1957 Egyptian movie, in the 1999 hit song “Big Pimpin’.” By Khaleda Rahman. Daily Mail.

Famous Songs that Violated Copyright

Many familiar songs, from across the decades, were actually copyright infringements. By Ryan Book. Music Times.

Dr. Luke Sued for Copyright Infringement

Songwriter/producer Dr. Luke is sued by New Old Music Group for his use of “breakbeat,” a percussive element, in the Jessie J pop hit “Price Tag,” after it is alleged that it was taken from the group president’s 1975 song “Zimba Ku.” By Ali Szubiak. PopCrush.

Periscope Receives and Responds to a Majority of Takedown Notices

Periscope aims to be a transparent and copyright-compliant player in the world of live-streaming. By Harrison Weber. VentureBeat.

Award-Winning Photographer Sues Twitter

Award-winning photographer sues Twitter for continuing to host her copyrighted image, after failing to respond to a DMCA takedown notice. By Matt Kamen. Wired UK.…/2015…/29/twitter-sued-over-photo-copyright

R & B Artist Copyright Issue

R&B artist Miguel gives songwriting credit to Smashing Pumpkins artist Billy Corgan, avoiding copyright battle over similar-sounding songs, in Miguel’s new album “Wildheart.” By Ryan Reed. Rolling Stone.    

Oracle Copyright Law Suit

Oracle seeks to add the Android operating system’s market dominance to its copyright suit against Google. By Reuters. Business Insider.

FilmOn Copyright Case

U.S. federal court rules that live-streaming service FilmOn can act as a cable provider and stream local broadcasting, as long as it pays copyright royalties to the networks. By Eriq Gardner. The Hollywood Reporter.