Copyright Infringement of Your Film

Was Your Film Published or Broadcast Without Your Permission? Was it Duplicated and Used By Another Party? Call Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC to Discuss Your Rights

If you’ve created a film and someone has used part or all of your work without your permission, they may have violated your copyright to your film.

Was your film published online? Was it broadcast on television or by a video streaming service? Was it partially duplicated and used in someone else’s work? Any of these situations and more may give rise to a copyright violation claim.

Just because someone was able access and copy your work does not mean that they are entitled to do so. The law is on your side. Depending on the facts of your case you may be entitled to significant compensation.

The Law Protects You Against Copyright Violation and Provides for an Award of Financial Damages

When you create a film, you’re creating an original work. That work has value. It reflects not only the time that you’ve put in but the skills and talent of you and your crew.

The moment you shoot your film, you gain a copyright interest in what you have created. There is no delay or lag. Once you create it, it is yours and it is protected.

The law also protects you against people violating your rights. All too often we see people violating the rights of others online and off-line. Whether someone is sharing your film on a file sharing site, is broadcasting it or is using it as part of their larger work, your copyright may be violated.

If your film or other creative work is posted, shared or embedded on someone’s website, Facebook page, YouTube or other online account (social media or otherwise) without your permission, your rights are violated.  “Social media” is not a defense to copyright violations.

Whether broadcast on TV, the Internet, shown in public or otherwise, you have the right to control how your copyrighted material is used. When people use it without your permission and consent, you do suffer a loss of revenue and legal harm.

Our Attorneys Fight for Copyright Holders Worldwide

Our copyright law firm services clients nationwide and globally. Among the kinds of copyright cases we see are cases involving the infringement of rights to film.

As copyright holders themselves, our attorneys relate to people in the industry, understand their passion and commitment, and share their concern when the work of others is misappropriated or stolen.

The reality is that in this industry, many creative people lack the resources to hire an expensive attorney by the hour. Far too many cases were “let go” because the copyright holder lacked the funds to bring a lawsuit against a commercial entity. Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC is changing this.

Protect Your Rights without Large Upfront Costs

Our law firm helps to protect the rights of all. We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning we get paid when you get paid. You do not have to lay money out of pocket to bring your case. As a result, we have been able to help many, many people who could not afford representation on their own.

We not only focus on the practice of copyright law, we also focus on the real impact it has on creative individuals. We stand up for those who need help. We are here to be a solution, not add to your problems.

Publishing Your Work Online or Elsewhere Does Not Waive Your Copyright in the Work

Many companies will claim that because the film was shared online on a website or social media site that the copyright is waived. Nothing is further from the truth. You own the copyright in your work and you decide how and when it is displayed. Simply putting it on display does not waive your rights or interests to that work.

As the Internet continues to grow, more people are publishing and sharing information online. More websites are sprouting up that are sharing content they find in order to drive traffic and advertising revenue. If they do not own this content and publish in this manner, they may be violating your copyright.

When your rights are violated, we need to protect them.

Getting Paid for Your Work

Most professionals earn a living by creating work and then licensing it to others. However, it does not matter if you are professional or amateur. If your work is misappropriated, you are entitled to compensation.

Actual vs. Statutory Damages

In simple terms, actual damages are about getting paid for the value and benefit of what they received. Statutory damages are more like a statutory fine, imposed by law for violating your rights.

“Actual damages” refers to you collecting financial damages based on the actual loss that you suffered, or the profits the other party realized. Here, the measurement is often how much benefit they received by violating your copyright.

“Statutory damages,” on the other hand, refer to damages awarded under federal law for the act of violating your federal copyright, without regard to how much profit the other party made violating your rights.

Our Copyright Lawyers Can Help – Call Now

We represent clients across the US and worldwide. Our copyright lawyers have a great deal of experience in handling these cases and we file many copyright violation claims on behalf of the creative community.

If you believe your copyright has been infringed, call our lawyers today for a free consultation.