Canadian Photographer Settles with Radio Station

Ottawa photographer Paul Couvrette wins copyright suit against the parent company of Boom 99.7 radio station, Corus Entertainment, for infringing on Couvrette’s watermarked real estate [...]

Photographer Sues Apparel Designer for Photo Infringement

New York photographer Eric Johnson sues company Rocksmith Group, LLC for exploiting his photo of the late singer Aaliyah on T-shirts and other apparel, depriving Johnson of referral revenue and [...]

Viral-Video Website Wins Copyright Appeal

Jukin Media wins copyright suit against Equals Three Studios, after a jury finds Equals Three guilty of using Jukin’s properly licensed, user-generated viral videos, for commercial [...]

Software Company Wins $30M Copyright Suit

Software company Synopsys is awarded $30M in damages, after jury finds rival firm ATopTech guilty of infringing on Synopsys’s copyrighted circuit software. By Ross Todd.  The Recorder. [...]

Producers of Fox’s Hit Show ‘Empire’ Sued for $1.5 Billion

Novelist Timothy J. Levi sues Fox, ‘Empire’ creator Lee Daniels, and other show producers for $1.5 billion in damages; the defendants allegedly infringed on Levi’s rights to the [...]

Jay-Z’s Tidal Music-Streaming Service Sued for $5M

The hip-hop mogul’s company faces $5M copyright suit by band who claims that Tidal’s self-proclaimed ‘pro-artist’ service actually doesn’t pay royalties and [...]

3D-Printing Firm Uses and Sells 3D-Design Site’s Work on eBay

Startup firm Just3DPrint searches 3D-model design site Thingiverse, and creates and posts 3D items for sale on eBay, in direct violation of the 3D designers’ noncommercial-use stipulations. [...]

CBS and Paramount Sue ‘Star Trek’ Fan-Made Film for Copyright Infringement

The studios allege that the crowdfunded movie ‘Anaxar’ infringes on many copyrighted features of the ‘Star Trek’ franchise, while the film’s attorneys contend that [...]

Justin Timberlake and Face Copyright Suit

The 2 mega-hit crooners are accused of infringing on a music publisher’s rights to the 1969 disco-hit song “A New Day is Here At Last,” in the duo’s similar-sounding pop [...]

Warner Music Settles “Happy Birthday” Copyright Suit for $14M

Music publisher Warner/Chappell Music agrees to terminate its copyright to the world’s most popular song, for a lawsuit settlement of $14M, putting “Happy Birthday to You” into [...]

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