Photojournalist Sues Yahoo for Infringing on his Photo

London-based photographer Alex Masi, represented by Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC, claims that the company willfully infringed on his photo, in a Yahoo news article. By Alexis Kramer.  Bloomberg BNA. [...]

Photographer Shares Frustration about Copyright Infringement

Texas Star-Telegram Staff Photographer Richard W. Rodriguez airs his and the newspaper’s frustrations about infringements on Rodriguez’s now-viral iconic photo of Toronto Blue Jay [...]

Getty Sues Man for Copyright Infringement

The photo agency claims that an Ohio man devised a scheme that allowed him to steal and resell thousands of Getty’s high-resolution images through a Facebook group. By DL Cade.  PetaPixel. [...]

Trump Settles Copyright Suit

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign settles copyright suit brought by two photographers who claimed that the campaign used their iconic “Bald Eagle Portrait” photograph on [...]

Photographer Sues Artist for Copyright Infringement

Music photographer Dennis Morris sues appropriation artist Richard Prince for using Morris’s copyrighted photos of Sex Pistols bass guitarist Sid Vicious, without Morris’s consent. By [...]

Photographer Sues Spotify for Copyright Infringement

Dutch celebrity photographer Dana Lixenberg sues the music-streaming giant for using her photo of the late “Notorious B.I.G.” without permission on the artist’s Spotify page. By [...]

Photographer Sues Celebrity News Site for Copyright Infringement

New York freelance celebrity photographer Steve Sands, represented by Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC, sues Dan Abrams’s celebrity news site The Mary Sue for infringing on his exclusive photos of [...]