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Richard Liebowitz Photo Plus Webinar: Protecting Your Copyrights

Liebowitz Law Firm is currently exhibiting at the Virtual Photo Plus show. His live webinar on Understanding Your Copyrights in the age of Social Media attracted over 300 attendees. If you missed it, watch the Replay here.

Webinar Date: November 19 2020

The Rewards and Risks of Video Journalism in 2020: A Conversation with Oliya Scootercaster

Join us for our next webinar with our guest host, Oliya Scootercaster, a professional photo and video journalist who has immersed herself in the world of discovery, investigation, and reporting. Oliya will discuss how she started her own news and media agency in a male dominated industry as well as the safety measures she is now forced to take during these unprecedented times.

Richard will take you through case law associated with your video posts and the unauthorized use of your photos and videos by news organizations and other corporate entities.

Webinar Date: October 27 2020

Capturing the History-Making Protests and Civil Unrest Around the Globe

A Conversation with Veteran Photojournalist Stephen Yang on the George Floyd and Hong Kong Protests.

We are living in an unprecedented moment in history and the work of photographers is becoming increasingly important as documentations and visual symbols of this present moment. In this month’s webinar we will speak to the photojournalist Stephen Yang about his experience photographing two of the most important global moments in the fight for human and civil rights: the protests for George Floyd in the United States and the protests in Hong Kong. Stephen will talk to us about how to get close enough to capture the real moments that define these movements while remaining safe, how to prepare yourself to respond in a moment’s notice and how to build your portfolio as a breaking news photojournalist.

Webinar Date: September 29 2020

The Business of Photojournalism in a Digital World

A Conversation with Veteran Photojournalist, Gregory P. Mango on his career and the Mango v Buzzfeed decision that sets a major DMCA Precedent.

During this webinar we will hear about Greg Mango’s 30-year career as a photographer, what it was like to be responsible for shooting world-changing events like 9/11, his interview and photoshoot with the infamous Jeffrey Epstein, an how to build your career as a photojournalist. We will also discuss the recent Second Circuit decision against Buzzfeed that set a precedent and gave Greg the win he deserved.

Webinar Date: August 28 2020

How Licensing Agreements Protect Your Business: A Look at the Basics of Photo Licensing

A special webinar with Richard Liebowitz and Neil Zlozower

Join Richard Liebowitz and Famed Rock and Roll Photographer, Neil Zlozower, for a conversation regarding the use of licensing agreements to protect your business.

We will discuss:

  • the “Must Have” terms that should be placed on all licensing agreements, such as Parties Named, Permissions Granted, Terms of Use, Payment Terms, and Deliverables.
  • Understanding the Terms of a Contract.
  • How to Determine the Value of Your Work for Commercial, Editorial and Retail Use
Webinar Date: July 28 2020

Copyright Basics 101 – Understanding the fundamentals of copyright law

During this webinar, Richard Liebowitz will answer questions related to:

  • When is your copyright protected?
  • What is the duration of your copyright?
  • Damages for copyright infringement?

Richard will also present cases where the attendees will guess whether the judge or jury decided for the artist or defendant. The results will surprise you. As always, there will be time for a Q and A session with Richard.

Webinar Date: June 16 2020

Posting on Social Media – How this affects your copyrights

What rights are you assigning to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram when you agree to their Terms of Service and showcase your images on these sites? What is the difference between others embedding your images on their social media pages or websites as opposed to copying and pasting your images on their social media pages or websites? What are your remedies when you find other are using your images for commercial gain? Richard will address these concerns and advise you on the best way to protect your content in the age of social media.

Webinar Date: May 4, 2020

The Most Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Your Copyright Ownership with Richard Liebowitz