Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents New York Area Photographers Against Media Outlet Infringements

Our law firm fights infringements on copyrighted photos, committed by two large media outlets, on behalf of two independent photojournalists. By Inside Radio. [...]

Game Company Sues Hasbro for Infringing on Its App Design

Peak Games goes to battle with the toy company giant for allegedly lifting original content from its popular game ‘Toy Blast’ and replicating it to create a ‘My Little [...]

California Photographer Sues Baseball Card Company for Copyright Infringement

Alex Evers alleges that the company refused to properly license and profited from his copyrighted sports photography. By Wadi Reformado.  Northern California Record. [...]

Minnesota Photographer Sues Studio for Infringing on Prince Photographs

Allen Beaulieu claims that his 3,000 exclusive, registered images of the late “Purple Rain” legend were stolen and exploited by an art studio owner. By Jennie Lissarrague and Beth [...]

UK Photographer Sues Trump Campaign for Copyright Infringement

David Kittos, whose copyrighted photo of a bowl of Skittles was tweeted in a campaign ad by the Republican presidential candidate’s eldest son, sues the Trump campaign in Illinois federal [...]

Late Graffiti Artist’s Family Sues McDonald’s for Copyright Infringement

Dash Snow’s family claims that the fast food giant copied Snow’s graffiti art, for decoration, in hundreds of its restaurants, without permission or attribution. By Enrico Bonadio. [...]

New York Photographer Sues Radio Station for Infringing on Photo

Gary Miller, represented by Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC, files suit against Cumulus Media for using Miller’s image of Tupac Shakur, on a hip-hop station website, without permission. All Access [...]

Boxing Photographer Sues Film Studio for Copyright Infringement

Teddy Blackburn, represented by Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC, sues Xenon Pictures for infringing on Blackburn’s photos of Mike Tyson’s infamous ear biting of Evander Holyfield in their [...]

Broadway Musical ‘Hamilton’ Sues T-Shirt Makers for Trademark & Copyright Infringement

The theatrical hit claims that two companies are using the show’s now-famous silhouette logo to market and sell online merchandise, without permission. By TMZ. [...]

LA Artist Files $1M Copyright Suit Against Kohl’s

Lili Chin claims that the retail giant stole her copyrighted dog poster design and used it on apparel sold by the company. By Brian Boucher.  Artnet News. [...]

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