Elsevier Wins $15M in Copyright Damages

The science publisher wins the maximum amount allowed by U.S. law, after websites shared 100 of Elsevier’s articles without permission. By Calvin Reid.  Publishers Weekly. [...]

Artist Defends Copyrights of Muralists Against Commercial Exploitation

Florida muralist Derek Donnelly stands up for fellow street artists, whose work has been infringed on and sold for profit. By Christopher Spata.  Tampa Bay Times. [...]

Music Photographer Sues Major Retailers for $600K in Copyright Damages

Danny Clinch alleges that Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters used his copyrighted photos of rapper Tupac Shakur to sell infringing merchandise. By Jayphen Simpson.  PetaPixel. [...]

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Photographer in Copyright Suit Against Tiffany & Company

New York photographer Peter Gould claims that the jewelry company infringed on his registered photo in a company website video. World Intellectual Property Review. [...]