Photographers Band Together to Protest “Free Photos”

International street photographers raise awareness about commercial infringements on the collective group’s social media photos. By Elizabeth Paton.  The New York Times. [...]

New York Photographer Sues Gigi Hadid for Copyright Infringement

Peter Cepeda claims that the model posted his exclusive agency photo of Hadid to her Instagram account, gaining over 1.2M “likes,” without credit or compensation. By Lucy Yang. [...]

It’s Vital to Get Credited and Compensated for Your Artwork

Here’s a great example of why it’s important to be prepared, before your photos and videos go viral. By Michael Sechler.  PetaPixel. [...]

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents New York Photographer in Copyright Case Against Kendall Jenner, Inc.

Al Pereira claims that Jenner’s company infringed on his copyrighted photos of Tupac and other rappers, by using them on T-shirts for sale online. TMZ. [...]