Photo Agency Sues Jessica Simpson for Copyright Infringement

Splash News alleges that the celebrity posted the agency’s exclusive, copyrighted image of Simpson on Instagram, and removed Splash’s photo credit, without permission or compensation. [...]

Grumpy Cat’s Owner Wins $710K in Copyright Damages Against Beverage Company

A jury awarded the amount to Grumpy Cat Limited, after Grenade Beverage, LLC used the cat’s image on roasted coffee products, without permission. By Michael Zhang.  PetaPixel. [...]

Content Creators Must be Properly Compensated for Their Work

Professional artists create their work for a living, and should always be fairly compensated, as this article points out. By Michael Zhang.  PetaPixel. [...]

UK Mother Captures Attention for Photo of Royals

Karen Anvil’s image of the royal siblings, together with their significant others, smiling directly at the camera, offers a lesson as to why it’s so important to protect your [...]

Texas Photographer Sues University for Copyright Infringement

Jim Olive employs a unique legal strategy to compel the University of Houston to adequately compensate him for the use of his photo. By L.M. Sixel.  Houston Chronicle. [...]