New Copyright Issues with Paparazzi and Social Media

Social Media, Celebrities, and Paparazzi Bring New Attention to Copyright Issues In an October 30, 2019 article for IP, Meaghan Kent, Katherine Dearing, and Danae Tinelli highlight [...]

Copyright Victory

Judge Awards $258,000 to Photographer in Copyright Case Scott Gunnellis, a professional photographer, has won his lawsuit for copyright infringement. American Choppers star Paul Teutel Sr., has [...]

Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

California Artist Is Suing Pixar and Disney For Copyright Violations Daniel Goldblatt, writing for, has reported that a San-Francisco artist has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit [...]

Lawsuit Copyright Infringement

Agency Files Copyright Lawsuit Against Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez is being sued, again, for copyright infringement. This time, the photo in question is of herself with fiancé Alex Rodriguez. [...]

Photographer Sues Fox For Infringement

A Photographer is Suing Fox News Network for Copyright Infringement Bloomberg News has reported that the Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC is representing Jesse Korman, a photographer who is accusing Fox [...]

NYC Landmark Limits Ownership of Pictures

New York City Landmark Limits Photographers’ Rights Hudson Yards, located on the West side of New York City, is the largest private real estate development in the United States. One of its [...]

Copyright Infringement Suit Against Model

Photographer Sues Emily Ratajkowski for Copyright Infringement Model and Actress Emily Ratajkowski is one more name on a growing list of celebrities facing off with photographers in legal [...]

New York Photographer Sues over Benedict Cumberbatch Photo

North Carolina Sees an Increase in Copyright Lawsuits with the Latest Filing by NY Photographer A New York photographer is suing a Wake Forest-based company for copyright infringement. [...]

Supreme Court Copyright Infringement Case

Supreme Court Takes on Copyright Infringement The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has agreed to hear the case of Frederick (Rick) Allen, well known filmmaker and photographer. [...]

Copyright Feud Over Infringement

Photographer Accuses Digital Artist of Stealing There’s no formal lawsuit yet, but a very angry photographer is contemplating filing one. Photographer Jason Weingart is calling digital [...]

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