Creative Commons Licenses

Using Creative Commons Licenses to Protect and Enforce Your Copyright As a photographer, you might have read this somewhere when you uploaded your photos on the Internet: “Do you want to [...]

Facebook and Copyright

Is Facebook Selling You Out? With Facebook steadily increasing in size and reach, especially in these pandemic times, knowing your rights when using the platform should always be very important. [...]

Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Represents Client in Copyright Win against Fashion Designer

A U.S. District Court judge found Elie Tahari liable for infringing on a photographer’s copyright, by posting his image on social media, without permission. By Gonzalo E. Mon and Michael [...]

Copyright Basics

Photographers: You Should Understand how Copyright Relates to Pictures You Take Copyright means you have ownership rights to your photographs. They are your property and, therefore, you should [...]

Fair Use Simplified

Simplifying the Fair Use Doctrine, so Photographers Understand Their Rights “Fair use.” As dedicated copyright lawyers who devote our practice to helping photographers enforce their [...]